Our company, which produces flexible solutions for the changing needs of our OEM customers, offers turnkey projects by producing optimum solutions in different types, even within the same project.. Our main goal is to design Plug&Play systems by making fabricated productions without compromising the production quality. After the logistics operations, we implement systems that can be activated by non-qualified personnel with the guidance of end-use manuals.


OEM Solutions:

  • Automated Air Handling Units
  • Automated Hygienic Air Handling Units
  • Automated Dehumidification Air Handling Units
  • Automated Air Handling Units with DX Unit
  • Pressure and Humidity Controlling Air Handling Units for Industrial Automation
  • Chiller Cooling Groups
  • Open/Close Cooling Towers
  • Jet Fan Systems
  • Automated Pump Control Panels
  • Rooftop Units
  • Automated Fan Solutions
  • Automated Fancoil Solutions
  • Automated Heat Recovery Solutions
  • Automated Floor Convector Solutions
  • Automated Proportional Electrical Heater Solutions (Triac)
  • VAV and CAV Solutions

OEM Services:

Determining Technical scenarios in accordance of selection outputs.

Selection of site equipment in accordance of determined scenarios.

Preparing Sales/Budget proposals.

Supplying equipment services. (Drivers, Panels, Automation Equipment, Cables Etc.)

Design of E-Plan projects and Manufacturing MCC+DDC Panels

Determining the scenarios of PLC or DDC control devices.

Preparation of SCADA-HMI-NUMMERICAL Screens.

Design of Reporting, Trending and Alarm management systems

Cabling operations for devices.

Instrumentation and end connections.

Hot and Cold Tests process.

Completing tests and commissioning process.

Preparing the approval documents and submit to the relevant authority

Training the end user for operation.

Maintenance services.

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